Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing

healing the past, in the present, for the future

Lemurian Healing
Recently returned from studying Lemurian Healing in Hawaii. Lemurian Healing is a energy based healing modality akin to Dreamtime Healing yet more a gentle, style.

Here’s how it works;  When the energy systems of the body are out of alignment we experience feelings of dissatisfaction and disharmony and, as this manifests in the physical, symptoms of disease appear.  Lemurian Healing is able to effectively balance these energy fields to bring about harmony in body, mind and Spirit. As a result, life will also fall into balance and physical symptoms will ease.

A healing can be given either in person or by distance.  If you would like to receive a healing...... either in person or by distance just message me from the link below.  You’ll love it!

Dreamtime Healing

As a practitioner of Dreamtime Healing since early 2016, I have seen many people freed from Physical, Emotional and Mental issues.

Dreamtime healing is an effective cure for the issues that people face.

Through connection with Spirit, I can take you to the cause of any issue that is bothering you and clear it.  It's that simple.

If you would like to free yourself from any issue; just message me from the link below.  There's no need to keep suffering, when the solution is at hand.

In the tradition of indigenous peoples world wide, I acknowledge Spirit; the life force within every sentient being. 

I acknowledge mother Earth and Father Sky.  I acknowledge the ancestors.  

I acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal People on who's land we dwell.  I acknowledge the Elders, past, present and future. 

I acknowledge Aunty Mulara Aboriginal Elder and Lore holder who has taught me so much about Aboriginal culture and Lore.

I acknowledge Uncle Ken MacKenzie (one of the last initiated Adnyamathanha Elders) and I thank him for welcoming me to country and giving me his permission (as a non-indigenous person) to pursue Aboriginal Healing practices.  

Some cool links to look at from the recent trip the the Flinders Ranges tour to Adnyamathanha country: