Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing

using Holographic Kinetics

Services & Session details

A standard dreaming session

This is a standard healing session.  We will look at up to 3 issues that are affecting you in the present.  We will go to the cause of these issues, no matter how far back in time, to clear their creation and free you from their effect

Clearing the effect of Drugs and Medications

Drugs and Medications can continue to affect you long after ceasing use. You can clear the effect drugs have had  on your body and mind.  Whether medications or recreational drugs.  You can be free of their effect

Overcoming Addictions

Cigarettes, alcohol or drugs; let's free you of the need and the addiction.

If you're ready to let go and more on, then this is the key.  

Clearing Houses & Land

Do you get the feeling that something isn't quite right at your house? A weird feeling. Seeing glimpses of movement or persons. We can clear houses and land of unwanted energies and you can have your life back.

Distance Healing

This type of session is when the client can not get to a practitioner to access healing. Elderly, children, sick or infirm persons or for those who simply can not get to a practitioner and are in urgent need to assistance.