Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing

using Holographic Kinetics

What is Dreamtime?

The aboriginal people had (and some still have) the ability to enter a Dreamtime state of being to access healing, and knowledge and to communicate with each other, even over great distances.

They could commune with all sentient beings in nature; the elements, plants, animals and what some may call Spirits. In Dreamtime, they were able to create reality. Reality that would manifest in the physical world. Dreamtime has no bounds.

Dreamtime is similar to that state somewhere between sleeping and waking that we all experience from time to time. That moment on waking, or falling asleep, when random thoughts run through our minds. Sometimes we gain insight, we process in that state, but often we do not have the ability to guide the process to a conclusion.

In a Dreamtime healing session, I will guide you into the Dreamtime state with the intent of accessing the internal hyperspace of your Spirit. Dreamtime healing can access any dimension of the past, present or future no matter when on your time line the issue may have been created. In Dreamtime you can create a reality free of the issue (physical, mental or emotional) that is effecting you.

 A Dreamtime healing session takes approximately 1 1/2 hours where you will lie comfortably on a massage table, in a normal waking state.  By connecting with your spirit we will go into Dreamtime, to the cause of the issue that is affecting you.